Project case

  • Name: U type scraper conveyor
  • Number: 0108
  • Added time: 2016-09-28
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Product features:
1Using the latest packing seal, shaft end to ensure no leakage material;
2Held in new patent agency action is flexible, safe and reliable, sealed performance is good.
3Tail set of activities, minimize residual;
4Casing at the bottom of the u-shaped slot, and then match the scraper pieces under the action of low noise, low residual rate, long life and other advantages;
5Classical model, through the European CE safety certification, is widely used in feed industry, chemical industry, grain depot, port terminals, malt powder, oil and other industries and small particles conveying material level.

Technical parameters:

Type no. TGSU16 TGSU20 TGSU25 TGSU30 TGSU40 TGSU50
production (t/h) 10-15 15-20 25-30 30-50 50-80 100-120
Power (kw)  According to the length of process configuration