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  • Name: SFSP Series Forage Grass Grinder
  • Number: 0068
  • Added time: 2016-09-08
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The novel forage grass grinder has won the trust of users by virtue of high efficiency, durable use and long service life;
The forage grass with the moisture of no more than 20% is conveyed by a conveyor, is fed into the grinding room at an appropriate flow, and is impact and cut by a blade at a high speed, thus realizing grinding;
The impurity removed forage grass is broken in the grinder under the action of energy input by the motor, so its granularity is constantly reduced, and the total surface area of the forage grass is constantly increased.

Main Technical and Performance Parameters:

Model Rotor diameter(mm) Grinding room width(mm) Spindle speedv(rpm) Allocated power(kw) Output(t/h)
SFSP68*108 660 1016 1480 55/75 3-9
SFSP68*168 660 1568 1480 90/110 4-14
SFSP68*218 660 2136 1480 110/132 5-18