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From the largest feed equipment granulator together

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  A granulating machine, production per hour 45 to 55 tons of feed, which is known as the king of the granulator machine in China, as the red cloth to uncover, finally above ground, soon won at home and abroad a marvel.
  29 in the afternoon, to attend the 7th China feed industry association zhuhai large-scale enterprise association of feed machinery enterprises of the country's more than 600 guests and feed machinery agents, 56 countries and regions in the deputy agriculture minister, China feed industry association of the leading group, led by the special come to liyang, zhengchang group's "king think grain" SZLH1068 listed "famous" handover ceremony, which saw the China feed industry landmark moment on the milestone.

In the face of customers praise, zhengchang group President hopper sincerely speak out: zhengchang create has been 90 years of history, grow up to be group has a clear vision: to do world-class grain, oil, feed machinery manufacturing and engineering company, in order to improve the human living standards, create value for customers, creating opportunities for employees. Zhengchang adhering to the "create value for customers" is to satisfy the needs of the market and customers, timely and rapid innovation technology and products, with high efficiency, superb, in order to quality for the feed industry anti-war 10-15 years reserve in advance of the new technology, new craft, the maximum to meet the demand of the development of the audience and the long term. Everyone please to here today, it is thank you for your help us to let China feed machinery towards the international market; 2 it is to let you come to visit China feed equipment development present situation; 3 it is to the Chinese feed companies to go international build a bridge of communication.

According to hopper, in Europe the United States, Japan and other developed countries, feed companies to large-scale, intensive, development model as the main characteristics of a dragon. At present, the production of 15 ~ 25 tons of feed machinery and equipment is one of the main equipment in domestic, and international production 25 ~ 35 tons of equipment has been the mainstream products. With the rapid development of feed industry, the larger mechanical engineering enterprises have begun to research and development production of 35 to 55 tons of even up to 75 tonnes of equipment, this also is the development trend of feed machinery industry. "King think grain" SZLH1068 ring die pelletizer was developed by zhengchang group and and domestic institutions to undertake the "11th five-year plan" of four major national science and technology support project, and the ministry of agriculture "five-year" key promotion project, the successful development of the equipment for feed enterprises greatly save the investment cost, manpower cost, processing cost and management cost. For China's future feed to large-scale industrial production, scale, intensive development laid a solid foundation of technology and equipment.

Has scooped the top prize of anhui and group chairman said, "king" wisdom of grain was zhenchang as and when new produced 160 tons of tailor's biggest domestic livestock and poultry feed production line, marked the collectivization era, China feed industry ushered in the scale, and usher in the feed industry development of China's dominate the global revolutionary leap.

On the hand-over instrument, there is quite a "calculating" zhenchang 18 pieces of independent research and development of new products on display, caused the merchants of cooing with marvel of zhengchang scientific research strength. Zhengchang, hopper said new attack: is working on the 55 tons - 75 tons of production equipment upgrade work, be the king of the world feed machinery.

Chinese vice minister of agriculture, China feed industry association of leading group, China's animal husbandry department Wang Zhicai chief priests Li Xirong, China feed industry association secretary-general, deputy director wang, ShaYuSheng deputy secretary-general, director of the agriculture commission of jiangsu province Wu Peiliang, chun-xi wang, deputy director of liyang city mayor Su Jianghua, director of changzhou rural Pan Yunfang attended the handover ceremony.

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