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Feed processing method of feed machinery and machine structure

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Production TuSiLiao need those machines, according to the size of different yield of different is that some of the differences. But it is not a great difference.

In general machine has used in the production TuSiLiao: crusher, feed pellet machine, feed mixer, this a few is imperative. There could be other equipment, screening equipment, cooling equipment, all kinds of auxiliary equipment, shaq dragon, blower, belt machine, packaging machine, boiler, etc.

1、Base: play the role of the connecting parts and bearing mill, make them form a whole. Shredded material is being exhausted from the base.
2、Rotor: the main shaft, hammer frame plate, pin shaft, bearings and other parts, hammer, is the main moving parts of crusher. Rotor speed is higher, assembled on without pin and hammer into the dynamic balance test.
3、Operate the door: replace the sieve plate or hammer to open door operation. Crusher work by locks lock door operation, ensure the operation of rotor rotating door can't open on its own.
4、On the chassis: upper feeding mouth, lower connection with base, sieve plate on both sides respectively equipped, and the rotor of the crushing chamber, the material in crushing chamber to smash.
5、Feeding guide mechanism: make the material from the left or right into the crushing chamber. Feeding guide plate of the reversing manual control to ensure the feed direction consistent with the rotor turning.
6、Fixed in powder pressure screen structure: the locking device connected, ensure that screen surface inside the mill.
7、Sieve sieve beam: sieve beam and pressure institutions together to screen piece fixed on the shredder.
Production of feed mill adopts double rotor structure, greatly improve the working efficiency.

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