• Name: Hammer Piece Type Grinder
  • Number: 0004
  • Added time: 2016-09-06
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1. This series of grinder features simple structure, firm and durable use, high safety and reliability, easy installation, convenient operation, small vibration and high output;
2. It is used for grinding various granular feeds such as corns, sorghum, wheat, soybeans, ground cakes and other raw materials;
3. It has a steel plate welded structure, with the motor and rotor mounted on the same base;
4. The pin type coupling is driven by direct connection; the rotor is subjected to accurate dynamic balance test;
5. It is provided with a safety type operating door which cannot be opened when the rotor rotates;
6. The feeding hole is formed on the top of the machine, bringing convenient to operation. 

Main Technical and Performance Parameters:

Model Rotor Diamete(mm) Crushing Chamber Width 度(mm)  Spindle speed(rpm) power matching station(kw) Output(t/h)
SFSP56*36 560 360 1480 22 2-3
SFSP56*36 560 360 1480 30 3-5
SFSP56*40 560 400 1480 37 5-6


Note: the above indicators is to satisfy the following indicators: raw material is corn, the water is not more than 14% and the capacity of not less than 0.72 t/m3, mill sieve plate ¢3 mm diameter, opening rate of not less than 33%