• Name: Double-shaft Efficient Mixing Machine
  • Number: 0008
  • Added time: 2016-09-07
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  • It is widely applied to supporting feeds, premixtures, concentrated materials, chemicals, foods, pharmaceuticals and other industries;
  • It features high mixing speed, short mixing period (60-120S), bottom discharging type large opening discharging and low material residual rate;
  • It stirs mildly, is high in mixing uniformity (CV≤5%), and does not generate segregation;
  • With a flexible opening mechanism and good door sealing performance, materials cannot be leaked;
  • It is equipped with two sets of liquid addition systems and a stainless steel spraying nozzle, to meet the requirements of adding various liquid nutrient compositions;
  • A compressed air blowing system is configured according to user requirements, to reduce the residual quantity to the lowest extent;
  • Carbon steel and stainless steel machine bodies can be selected according to user requirements.

Main Technical and Performance Parameters:

Model  Effective volume (m³)  Mixing amount per batch(kg) Mixing time per batch(s) Mixing uniformity(CV≤%) Power (kw)
SSHJ0.5 0.5 250 45-120秒(The time can be appropriately prolonged according to different materials.
5 7.5
SSHJ1 1 500 5 11
SSHJ2 2 1000 5 18.5
SSHJ3 3 1500 5 30
SSHJ4 4 2000 5 37
SSHJ6 6 3000 5 45