• Name: Grease adding machine
  • Number: 0055
  • Added time: 2016-09-08
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Product features:
1、Apply to oil is added to the batch mixer, molasses, phospholipids and other nutrients, to adapt to the range.   
2、Simple structure, automatic control, easy to operate.                   
3、If use weighing sensor measurement, high accuracy, can be up to 0.5%.

Main technology and performance parameters:

Type no. SYTV32a SYTV32b SYTV63a SYTV63b
production (L/Min) 32 32 63 63
Measurement methods Flowmeter measurement Weighing type metering Flowmeter measurement Weighing type metering
Power(kw) 3kw+4kw 3kw+3kw+4kw 3kw+4kw 3kw+3kw+4kw
Add accuracy(%) 0.5%
Oil tank(t) 1