• Name: Vibration sizing screen
  • Number: 0066
  • Added time: 2016-09-08
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Product features:
1、Vibrating screen is a mixture of different sizes of particles by vibrating screen

2、Drive mode using the scale of vibration sieve body way, namely symmetry installed on both sides of screen ship two vibrating motors drive the screen body, two motor to relative, horizontal vibration force, in order to offset the vertical vibration force superposition, ensure that the screen body normal trajectory, screening effect is better.
3、Small volume, smooth movement, wide use.

Main technology and performance parameters:

 Type no. Power(kw)  production (t/h)
1Cseries SFJZ80×1C 0.2 3-5
SFJZ100×1C 0.37 6-10
SFJZ125×1C 0.4 8-12
2Cseries SFJZ80×2C 0.2 3-5
SFJZ100×2C 0.3 6-10
SFJZ125×2C 0.4 8-12
3Cseries SFJZ80×3C 0.2 3-5
SFJZ100×3C 0.37 6-10
SFJZ125×3C 0.4 8-12