• Name: Scraper conveyor
  • Number: 0072
  • Added time: 2016-09-08
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Product features:
1、Mainly applicable to all kinds of grain depot, port, wharf, food, feed, brewing industry such as small granular or powder material conveying;
2、Has the advantages of simple structure, small size, energy saving, good sealing, balanced running, low noise, long service life, easy installation and maintenance and other characteristics, high strength chain scraper chain, feed port adopts direct feed or bypass feeding method, stable feeding, can according to user requirements to prevent alarm device.
 Main technology and performance parameters:

Type no. TGSS16 TGSS20 TGSS25 TGSS32 TGSS40 TGSS50
10-15 20-30 30-50 50-80 150-200 200-250
power(kw) According to the length of process configuration