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Binocular Scalperator

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1, double deck screen can effectively separate the raw materials of straw, stone, hemp, cluster, such as big noise, at the same time remove the small miscellaneous raw materials, finished products export reserved exhaust opening, with the wind after the network connection, can eliminate impurity, is a comprehensive clean-up equipment.

2, the structure of the transmission mechanism is compact, housing all around big open structure, maintenance more convenient.

3, the Angle of cylindrical screen according to different materials within 4 ° - 8 ° adjusted, in order to obtain the best cleaning effect.

4, screen mesh, removable, easy to change, cost savings.

5, set the sieve tube exit guide screw, help big miscellaneous discharge, at the same time have the effect of prevent material along with the big miscellaneous outflow. Applicable to food, storage, food, chemical industry and so on a variety of cleaning section of granular materials in the industry. 

Main Technical and Performance Parameters:

Model SQLY100×2200 SQLY100×3200 SQLY100×4200 SQLY125×4200 SQLY125×5200
Output(t/h) 40-50 50-80 80-100 120-150 150-200
Power(kw) 1.5 3 4 5.5 11
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