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Due to the adoption of secondary striking at the bottom of the grinding room, the output can be improved by over 15%, and the grinding granularity is more uniform;
Due to the adoption of a water drop type grinding room, a water drop king grinder in the real sense is realized, which eliminates circular current and improves the output;
Coarse grinding or fine grinding can be realized by adjusting the sieve hammering clearance, to achieve the two-in-one function;
After dynamic balance verification of the grinder rotor, the equipment operates more stably with smaller vibration and lower noise;
Besides vacuum sintering and surface hardening pin hammering, the sieve plate is made of high-quality carbon structural steel, so the service life is prolonged, and the consumption of accessories is reduced;
Due to the adoption of direct linkage transmission and a novel snakelike spring coupling with large compensation, the bearing can be effectively prevented from heating.
Due to the adoption of an imported high-quality bearing, the equipment has long service life and operates stably;
It is equipped with an impeller feeder for variable frequency feeding, a spiral conveyor for stepless speed regulation feeding and many other feeding modes. 

Main Technical and Performance Parameters:

Model SFSP112×30C SFSP112×38C SFSP112×50C SFSP112×60C SFSP112×75C SFSP112×100C
Output(t/h) 6-12 9-15 14-24 18-30 20-40 30-50
Power(kw) 45/55 55/75 90/110 110/132 132/160 160/220

注:以上指标是满足以下情况时的指标:原料为玉米、水份不大于14%,容量不低于0  .72t/m3,粉碎机筛板直径为¢3mm,开孔率不低于33%


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