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SFSP60 Series Wide Fine Grinder
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SFSP60 Series Wide Fine Grinder

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1.This machine belongs to a substitutional model of a common hammer piece type grinder;
2.The quantity of hammer pieces is increased, and the sieve surface is widened, so the equipment discharges materials more quickly and is high in output;

3.Due to the adoption of an elastic sieve pressing mechanism, material mixing in the grinding process is prevented, and the sieve is convenient to change;

4.Due to the adoption of an imported high-quality bearing and the dynamic balance verification of the grinder rotor, the equipment operates more stably;

5.It can be equipped with an impeller feeder for variable frequency feeding, a spiral conveyor for stepless speed regulation feeding and many other feeding modes.
Main Technical and Performance Parameters:

Model SFSP60×38 SFSP60×45 SFSP60×60 SFSP60×75 SFSP60×80
Power(kw) 30/37 45/55 55/75 75/90 90/110
Output 1-2(Fine) 1.5-3(Fine) 2-4(Fine) 2.5-5(Fine) 3-6(Fine)
4-7(Coarse) 6-9(Fine) 8-12(Coarse) 10-15(Coarse) 12-18(Coarse)

Note: the above indicators is to satisfy the following indicators: raw material is corn, the water is not more than 14% and the capacity of not less than 0.72 t/m3, mill sieve plate ¢3 mm diameter, opening rate of not less than 33%


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