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SFSP66 Series Wide Fine Grinder
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SFSP66 Series Wide Fine Grinder

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1、The wide fine grinder is used for grinding raw materials by large and medium livestock and aquatic feed enterprises, is suitable for forage grass grinding and fine grinding of the pharmaceutical industry at the same time, and can grind various granular feed raw materials such as corns, sorghum, wheat, beans, crushed cake rice dregs and other materials;
2、As subseries of a water drop type grinder, it has the efficiency improved by 45%-90% compared with common grinders, and is a substitutional model of a common hammer piece type grinder;
3、Under the condition of assembling ¢0.8 and ¢1mm screen meshes, this machine can produce fine aquatic materials at full load and greatly relieve the blocking phenomenon; both coarse and fine grinding can be realized without screen changing;

4、By appropriate ventilation, materials can pass through sieve holes at a higher speed, and the grinding room and materials can be cooled, thus effectively improving the output.

Main Technical and Performance Parameters:

Model Rotor diameter(mm) Grinding room width(mm) Spindle speed (r/min) Hammer piece linear speed(m/s) Hammer piece quantity(pc) Allocated power(kw) Normal air suction quantity(m³/min) Output(t/h)
General grinding Fine grinding
SFSP66×40 660 400 2970 94 56 22/30 30 34 5-6
SFSP66×60 660 600 2970 94 64 45/55 40 45 7-12
SFSP66×80 660 800 2970 94 88 55/75 48 53 10-15
SFSP66×100 660 1000 2970 94 112 90/110 60 66 15-20

Note: the above indexes accord with the following conditions:
Raw material: corn; Moisture: no more than 14%; Volume: no less than 0.72t/m3; The diameter of the grinder sieve plate: ¢3mm; Open porosity: no less than 33%

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