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420Feed Granulator

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Product Description

1,With efficient first-stage gear transmission, the energy can be transferred to the maximum extent;
2,The all-stainless steel feeder with a variable pitch anti-arching mechanism is controlled by an imported variable frequency speed regulator;
3,An axial steam inflow mode is applied to the enlarged stainless steel conditioner, which greatly shortens the conditioning and curing time and improves the effect;
4,Due to the adoption of carburization quenching as well as gear grinding for the hard tooth surface, high-precision transmission gears and gear shafts feature stable transmission, low noise and long service life;
5,The materials of the gear box and high precision of the transmission hole come from the casting technologies of professional casting factories as well as the guarantee of CNC machining equipment;
6,It is equipped with a main transmission system bearing as well as imported high-quality oil seals; in addition, a lubricating oil return system is particularly set, ensuring reliable bearing lubrication;
7,The ring die is connected with the transmission wheel through a three-piece quick-release precisely cast hoop, so the ring die can be conveniently and quickly dismounted;
8,Manufactured totally by stainless steel, the door cover and the chute feature strong corrosion resistance and long service life;
9,Due to the adoption of a novel snakelike spring coupling, the motor and the gear shaft feature convenient assembly and disassembly, reliable transmission and high efficiency.

Main Technical and Performance Parameters:

Model Production capacity  Main engine power  Conditioner power Conditioner diameter  Conditioner length   Feeder power Inner diameters of ring die  Particle specifications
(t/h) (kw) (kw) (mm) (m) (kw) (mm) (mm)
SZLH350 2-5 55 4 350 3 1.1 φ350 φ2-18
SZLH400 3-12 75/90 5.5 400 1.5 φ400 φ2-18
SZLH420 3-14 90/110 7.5 400 1.5 φ420 φ2-18
SZLH508 6-20 132/160 11 460 1.5/2.2 φ508 φ2-18
SZLH558 8-25 160/220 18.5 630 1.5/2.2 φ558 φ2-18
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