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Wood Chip Granulator

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Product Description

1,It is suitable for granulating wood chips, straws, forage grass, chrysanthemum, palm leaves and other light raw materials through pressing;
2,With a special feeding mechanism, the machine can feed materials uniformly and reliably, and is particularly designed for granulating various light materials with the specific gravity of 0.3-0.6g/cm3 through pressing;
3,Made of stainless steel, the feeder, conditioner and chute are durable in use;
4,The whole machine is equipped with a deironing and overload protection device, giving full consideration to the protection of the main engine during use;
5,With adjustable speed, the feeding auger can meet various requirements of different outputs;
6,Due to the adoption of high-precision gear transmission to main transmission as well as quick-release hoop to the ring 7,die, the machine can increase the output by about 15% compared with that of belt transmission type granulators;
8,The transmission part of the whole machine is equipped with Japan high-quality bearing, ensuring efficient, stable and reliable transmission;
9,The alloy steel ring die processed and manufactured by international advanced equipment and processes features long service life, smooth particles and high quality.
Main Technical and Performance Parameters:

Model Production capacity(t/h) Main engine power(Kw) Conditioner power(Kw)  Feeder power(Kw) Inner diameters of ring die(mm) Particle specifications(mm)
SZLH320-MX 0.2-0.4 37 2.2 0.75 320 ¢6-¢8
SZLH350-MX 0.4-0.6 45/55 3 1.1 350 ¢6-¢8
SZLH400-MX 0.5-1.0 75/90 4 1.5 400 ¢6-¢8
SZLH420-MX 0.8-1.2 90/110 5.5 1.5 420 ¢6-¢8
SZLH508-MX 1.5-2.0 110/132/160 5.5/7.5 2.2 508 ¢6-¢8
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