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Belt conveyor to ensure safety, gently carrying a paper bag, bag, plastic bags and other weight less than 100 kilograms of container.
1、The skew conveying big can be 25 degrees.
2、Can choose 0-8°、8-15° or 15-25° Angle. 。
3、Conveyor belt length to 100 mm of incremental change, therefore, length of 1217 mm to 19117 mm conveyor are applicable.
4、Belt conveyor is characterized by the slide design: conveyor belt cover in a whole article conveyor line slide on sliding, thus from the conveyer belt anywhere in container.
5、Flexibility is also embodied in for conveying material: in addition to paper bags, cloth bags or plastic bags.
6、In order to avoid problems support or suspension. The stability of the conveyor belt with independent support - this is the important condition to realize safe operation in packaging production line.
7、The use of the conveyor belt to ensure secure transmission: this kind of material is safe container conveyor width less than 600 mm, Angle and even up to 25 °.
8、Guide can prevent material falling from the side, in the operation of the conveyor to transport security gently prepare packing station in various materials.
9、Solid design to achieve excellent durability.

Main technology and performance parameters:

Type no. TGSS20 TGSS30 TGSS40 TGSS50 TGSS60 TGSS80 TGSS100
production(t/h) 10-15 20-30 30-50 50-80 100-120 120-150 180-250
power(kw) According to the length of process configuration
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