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Bucket elevator

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Product features:
Round head adopts refined rubber adhesive, fire prevention, wear-resisting, effectively prevent the belt from slipping;
1、Prefabricated observation window and vent, effectively prevent dust explosion, safe and reliable, when necessary, can match with other type of 4 tube small pulse dust removal pressure);
2、Stop reversing device, which can effectively prevent plugging material caused by downtime;
3、Barrel combination using special folding process, high strength, good sealing,
4、For high strength lightweight plastic winnowing pan, light weight, corrosion resistance, wear improve yield and reduce the energy consumption;
5、Using powerful band winnowing pan or polyester nylon winnowing pan, low elongation, durable and reliable;
6、Stand can be smooth, reverse feed hopper, can meet the needs of different users;
7、Stand tensioning device adopts gravity tension or screw tensioning;
8、Optional automatic running deviation alarm and speed monitoring system.

Main technology and performance parameters:

Type no. (TDTG) 36/18 36/23 36/28 50/23 50/28 60/30 60/33 80/46
production (t/h) Aggregate 10-15 15-20 20-25 30-40 45-55 60-80 100-120 150-200
Cylinder thickness
 Powder 10-12 13-15 15-18 22-25 30-35 40-50 60-80 100-120
Material 1.5 2.0 2.0/2.2
Barrel flange thickness Carbon steel (may also provide galvanized and stainless steel material)
Starting from the tail plate thickness
Winnowing pan material 3 4 5
Belt material A engineering plastic/nylon/stamping molding steel winnowing pan
  PVC/rubber/enhanced rubber
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